How to Choose Bridesmaid Dress Colors


As I would see it, picking your bridesmaid dress colors is one of the hardest wedding choices you will need to think and contemplate. In case you are in any way similar to me, you are ambivalent, overpowered by the large amount of beautiful color alternatives, and your color preferences inclinations change on a week after week premise. How's a young lady to pick!? 

Since bridesmaid dresses are such a tremendous spotlight on the bridal day, it is very significant that you pick a dress color that you truly love. Luckily, I have some of the most fabulous tips to assist you with narrowing down your choices to pick the most ideal palette for your huge bridal party! Oh and on the off chance that it causes you to feel better, I even utilized these tips for deciding my own wedding palette and I am totally marginally fixated on it!

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Discover Your Motivation 

Now and then, everything that is necessary is one picture to truly move the shading palette for your wedding day! You have to consider making a wedding Pinterest board on the off chance that you haven't as of now, and begin sticking photographs that will truly motivate you. I did this equivalent exercise, and my photographs had an undeniable pattern of gentle blue, green, and white tones so's the palette that I am going with. The are is totally critical! Your setting will actually make way for your big day so you must pick hues that is complementary to the space.

Think About Your Very Own Style 

In case you are a moderate minimalist who adores unbiased, gritty hues, having a pink and orange wedding would be somewhat out of sorts. Same goes in the event that you love colors! In any case, hang on. We will be explicitly discussing hues and how they can adjust to your own style later on! So keep reading.

Consider In Asking Your Life Partner About Ideas

They may have a solid inclination of what they want or completely don't need. Try to be as considerate as you can.

Think About The Color Of Your Marriage Outfit

Whatever color or style you pick, remember that color that you have decided upon so that your bridesmaid's would not have any conflict while standing close or near to you. You must be aware of the dress colors and skin tones. Likewise, you should be mindful so as not to pick hues that are going to wash out certain skin tones or make them look excessively flushed.

Consider Thinking About The Season 

Fuschia probably won't be the most ideal decision for a winter wedding and profound deep greens are typically appropriate for fall or winter.

Consider Different Bridesmaid Dress Hues

Ombre, as well as mix and match patterns are enormous currently, so it is definitely normal to see an assortment of shading in the event of the wedding party. We simply had a gathering of bridesmaids request fluctuating shades of greens and blues in the Luella dress!

Locate Your Optimal Bridesmaid Dresses

In case you are experiencing difficulty in narrowing it down, discover a designer or dress style you completely love and work with whatever hues they have that is accessible to you and your crew. Despite the fact that Alfabridal has a huge assortment of styles, textures, and hues, you can pick the one that better suits you and your young ladies. We have more than 90 styles in fabric, for example, chiffon, lace, embroidery, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, and furthermore we have fabric swatches patterns so you can wear various textures as indicated by your necessities.

Color palettes are too significant for having consistency on the big day. Between the dresses, stylistic theme, blossoms, and so forth. It is anything but difficult to lose control with an excessive number of hues, so I suggest that you pick in any event three fundamental hues for your palette. 

Picking your shading palette truly is not as troublesome as it really sounds. It is very essential and a must to simply remain consistent with your style or make sense of what outwardly rouses your attention and preferences.

For an instance, in case you're enlivened commonly, consolidate gritty tones that are peaceful and regular. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you need to take customary components from the city, think about more mechanical materials and hues. Simply make sure that you keep it straightforward and excellent. 

While considering and creating your shading palette, consider the 60-30-20 standard - 60% of an essential shading, 30% of an optional shading, and 10% of an emphasize shading. Essential hues ought to be utilized for the bridesmaid dresses, men's clothing, solicitations, and components all through the stylistic layout, yet do whatever it takes to have no maltreatment of the shading. Optional hues can be utilized inside the blossoms, stylistic layout, materials, and wedding party embellishments. What’s more, the complement hues can be utilized inside the blossoms, focal points or feature components.

What Color Should You Choose Based On Your 'Bridal Style'

Your wedding ought to be an impression of you and your life partner's character. In case you are still at a misfortune with regards to what shading to pick, think about your own style and vision for the wedding. Still not certain what I mean? Try not to stress, here are a few hues to best suit your wedding style and character:

Gray Tones 

Join light and dark gray bridesmaid dresses in various fabrics such as velvet, chiffon, crepe, and so on, for a contemporary turn on refinement. 


Until a couple of years back, white bridesmaid dresses were for the most part observed as taboo and a few couples feel that solitary the lady of the hour should wear white. Be that as it may, as more couples are breaking wedding conventions and making their own standards, we've begun seeing more bridesmaids wearing different ivory and white styles, and the final product is out and out stunning. This bridesmaid dress shading is one of the most adaptable tones, since it coordinates for all intents and purposes any wedding topic, from classy to bohemian. 

Pastel Metallics 

Shimmering bridesmaid dresses are an a la mode approach to carry a fabulous vibe to your wedding. Outfit your bridesmaids in integral pastel hues, similar to unbiased champagne and pale pink, to accomplish a sentimental look. 

metallic bridesmaid dress

Beige And Gold 

Warm neutrals, similar to gold and beige, are complimenting bridesmaid dress hues for a scope of skin tones. Pick slip dresses in midi-lengths, at that point include greenery bunches, for a wedding party tasteful that is on-pattern and laid-back. 

Grayish Green 

A green tone with earthy colored hints works like an impartial shading, and we love it for a provincial topic or open air wedding (a desert wedding, perhaps?). Free interlaces and obeyed shoes help total the outfits. 

Buttercream Yellow 

We realize that yellow is certifiably not a nonpartisan shading, yet a scarcely there conceal like buttercream yellow is close to as adaptable as a grayish or ivory style. This bright tone would be ideal for a spring or summer wedding. 

Blush Pink 

Blush is one of the most famous bridesmaid dress colors ever, and our preferred method to fuse it into your wedding party clothing is through mix and-match dresses. Most bridesmaid dress designers offer different sorts of dresses in each shading, which makes it simple for your bridesmaids to pick their preferred become blush style while as yet coordinating the remainder of the gathering. 

Assorted Pastels 

On the off chance that you like the appearance of blush bridesmaid dresses yet need to change things up a bit, have your bridesmaids wear mix and match dresses in all unique pastel hues. A grouping of become blushed, lavender, and dusty blue dresses with petite botanical prints included for good measure makes an eclectic, feminine palette. 

Sorbet Shades 

We're calling this assortment of mauve, peach, purple, and blue hues the fruit sorbet palette since it feels so invigorating. These colors would look fabulously extraordinary in any season and they're punchy enough for a spring or summer wedding yet in addition restrained to coordinate a fall or winter wedding subject. 

Bright Coral 

Coral was a well known bridesmaid dress color in the early ‘80s, and since '90s and 2000s wedding ideas are unexpectedly inclining once more, we can likely hope to see this cheerful color advancing go into wedding style. Since this color is sufficiently strong to remain all alone, we suggest picking coordinating coral bridesmaid dresses for the most durable impact. 

satin bridesmaid dress

Mix And Match Rosy Tones 

On the off chance that you love vintage style, request that your bridesmaids wear mix and match dresses in a variety of pink tones, patterns, and fabrics. In addition to the fact that this gives your bridesmaids the opportunity to locate a dress that they feel absolutely great in, but on the other hand they're bound to re-wear the dress after your big day is finished and trust us, they'll thank you for it!

Gold And Orange 

Orange is on target to be one of the next big trending wedding colors, and it tends to be a pleasant decision for your bridesmaid dresses in case you're feeling eccentric and spunky. We realize that this strong color could appear to be overpowering from the outset, so include more extravagant tones like gold and mustard yellow to balance it. 

Contrasting Colors 

Blending dim hues such as navy blue and emerald green with bright accents red and tangerine orange may push you out of your usual range of familiarity from the outset, however don't feel like you need to avoid any and all risks. This challenging mix of various hued bridesmaid dresses is ideal for a artsy, eclectic group. 

Matching Burgundy 

Wine-motivated shades, similar to burgundy, maroon, and merlot, are very famous bridesmaid dress hues for fall weddings. In the event that you need a rich, balanced look, have your bridesmaids wear indistinguishable floor-length dresses in a dim red shading. 

burgundy chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Two Toned Purples 

Purple is another go-to wedding color for fall couples, yet this grand tint is complimenting all year and deals with all skin tones. A palette of dark plum bridesmaid dresses with differentiating lavender dresses is rich and emotional. 

Lilac Prints 

Designed purple bridesmaid dresses are another approach to bring the rich elegant color into your wedding clothing. The flower burnout print on these lilac dresses is attractive however not overpowering.

Jewel Tones 

Truly, it's conceivable to cause your wedding gathering to feel durable regardless of whether none of the bridesmaid dresses are coordinating. Perhaps the least demanding approaches to do this is by utilizing jewel tones: magenta pink, eggplant purple, sapphire blue, and jade green are probably the most widely recognized color alternatives. It works on the grounds that these gemstone-enlivened shades are all on the more obscure side of the shading range and offer cool undertones. 

Periwinkle And Violet 

These frosty blue and purple bridesmaid dress colors would be particularly marvelous for a winter wedding. Make the most balanced group by picking a few hues, and afterward have your bridesmaids pick dresses that are like each other in neckline, length, and fabric. 

Coordinating French Blue 

This exemplary tone incidentally, it was as of late named the color of the year which is an ideal chance to try different things with a similar color or distinctive style bridesmaid dress trend. By furnishing your bridesmaids in blue dresses with various necklines and subtleties, as well as  ruffles and lace, you'll accomplish a cutting edge exemplary look. 

Mix And Match Navy Blue 

On the off chance that you need your bridesmaid dresses to feel ageless, navy blue is a complex shading for any season. You can give this dim blue shade a less-formal vibe by furnishing your bridesmaids in dresses with fluctuating necklines. 

Seafoam Green And Blue 

Having a beach wedding? Seafoam-roused greens and blues are bridesmaid dress hues that will address your inward mermaid. These hues are particularly beautiful on flowy dresses made of lightweight fabrics, for example, chiffon, tulle, and organza. 

Tropical Prints 

Tropical prints are another approach to style your bridesmaids for a beach wedding. On the off chance that your wedding theme is inspired by an island getaway, bridesmaid dresses with palm leaf designs and sprightly hues, similar to peach and blue, will fit right in. 

Garden Inspired Greenery 

Getting hitched in a garden setting? Say something by having the entirety of your bridesmaids wear floral print dresses. In case you're stressed over the example being excessively overpowering, pick dresses with a downplayed shading palette, similar to mint, sage, and cerulean. 

Dark Emerald 

This rich tint is all around complimenting, and that is the reason it's one of our record-breaking most loved bridesmaid dress hues for fall and winter weddings. Pick mix and match velvet dresses the fabric is shockingly agreeable in a dark emerald color, at that point include white bouquets for a beautiful differentiating look. 

Satin Shamrock Green 

In case you're getting hitched around the special seasons, shamrock green is a bubbly shading for your bridesmaids. Coordinating satin dresses with high-low hems are stylish yet not stodgy. They are incredible for moving and will allow your bridesmaids to flaunt their polished shoes!

Alfabridal Bridesmaid Colors 

Regardless of whether you are searching for various sizes of one tone or needing to host a multicolor get together, Alfabridal has a huge extent of restrictive hues and styles only for you. As we have a phenomenal choice of fabrics and designs, you simply need to pick the color or colors that you would prefer and like the most! 

We are continually intending to have the most reasonable alternatives for our exquisite customers, and that is the reason we are continually attempting to extend our assortment. 

Now it is your turn! By picking your shading palette, you are altering and styling your gathering to make it a remarkable encounter for you and your visitors. Presently that you are en route to picking your hues, it's an ideal opportunity to pick your bridesmaid gowns!


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