Who Pays For The Bridesmaid Dresses?


Woah, another bridal party perhaps? You landed on the perfect article whether you’re asking, who the heck pays for the bridesmaids dresses. If you have been invited to participate as a bridesmaid for the wedding, kudos. It will be an exciting one. It is a long celebration to look forward to, and it is pretty exciting to go. Yeah it may be costly and depending on who the bride is she decides the theme. Should the bride pay for all of the Bridesmaids dresses accessories, hair, and make up? Or perhaps it it’s is Bridesmaids that should undertake the paying for the celebration of the wedding? What about if the size is not correct? Who will pay for the alteration of the bridesmaid dresses? What if one of the bridesmaids can not afford the dress, because she doesn’t have the budget to cover the gown expenses? Such things are to be thoroughly contemplated and thought through. Everything that is related to the bridal party expenses are a bit tricky. So we have conclusive data from expertise whether what is the correct wedding etiquette of course in answering all of these burning questions.

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Who Pays For The Bridesmaids Gowns/ Dresses

There is an old school rule regarding who pays for the bridesmaids dresses. That rule now is not being followed because it really depends on the individual. Like, if the bride can pay for the bridesmaids gown or dress. Why not? If she can afford paying, this is a very thoughtful gesture for her in paying for the dress or half of the cost for each of her bridesmaids. There are a lot of brides who are doing this. They pay for the bridesmaids dresses, especially when they are the ones who picked out the expensive theme in the first place since they want their bridesmaids to look their best.

While this is being generous, usually bridesmaids are expected to cover all of the costs in regards to their dresses, make up, hair, shoes, as well as their transportation. They should be prepared to cover these costs once they accepted the offer of the invitation. As it is being said, it is the bride’s responsibility in letting everyone know about all of the upcoming expenses and financial duties from the wedding event and bridesmaids should be honest in saying whether they need help of the expenses of they will be on monetary restraint.

How Much Should The Bridesmaids Dresses Cost

As I have mentioned earlier that there are a variety of factors to consider such as make up hairstyles, shoes, and accessories. It is a must that brides consider the expenses regarding the bridesmaids dresses as well as the heights and body types of the bridesmaids for their gowns during the wedding day. Usually bridesmaid dresses ranges from $100 till $800. Well, it depends anyways on how luxurious the wedding will be and the stores you go to in shopping. When you would go for shopping and you browse the dresses or gowns take not to choose styles that are flattering, comfortable, as well as within the agreed budget with the bridesmaids.

What If A Bridesmaid Could Not Afford The Dress

It is recommended that the engaged couple offers to cover the expenses of the bridesmaid that could not afford her dress. This should be kept between the bridesmaid and the engaged couple as the other bridesmaids won’t feel slighted. It is also a suggestion that bridesmaids pick their dresses as early as possible so that each of the bridesmaids will have enough time in arranging the expenses for their gowns, make ups, transportation, hairstyles, and accessories. Check also if there are discounts or payment plans.

If the budget is still an issue, consider shopping for a similar look that costs much lesser than the original. Don’t sacrifice the style but there are a lot of options and more affordable gowns for bridesmaids that is worth looking.

Also, if you go for the mismatched theme for bridesmaids, they might have the same colored dress already in their closet so they won’t have to buy anymore. This is more flexible.

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