Choosing The Color Palette For The Bridesmaid Dresses


If you have to choose the bridesmaid dresses, the bride have to be mindful about what time of the year she is getting married. Also, what flowers would be in the current season because they are mostly going to be on the bridal bouquet. When you think of the four seasons, what wedding colors would you think about? During the winter months colors such as reds, royal blue, emerald green, gold would be appropriate. Pastel palette and yellow would be gorgeous for the spring. Amazingly, bright colors such as purples and pinks works so well in summer. Dark greens, red, auburn, orange would be so lovely during the autumnal season. So it is definitely a must to consider the time of the year. 

lavender wedding

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If this would be a winter wedding, keeping the bridesmaids warm would be an issue to look upon to. During a winter month or an outdoor wedding, when everyone have to do wedding photography it would be nice to incorporate faux fur bolero, wraps, or cropped jackets. Definitely it would compliment the looks of everyone. Bridesmaid dresses would look so stylishly fabulous and everyone would be kept warm during the cooler season.

In taking the note of the time of the year, the look and the feel of the wedding is a must when having to decide the length of the bridesmaid dresses. Mostly, long dresses would look so festive during the Christmas wedding day. Short dresses would look so gorgeous during the summertime season.

chiffon bridesmaid dresses

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When opting to choose the bridesmaid dresses, it would be so lovely to have a comfortable one to wear because the event would be very long and tiring. Since the bridesmaids usually would participate in assisting the bride in each and every scene of the wedding day. The bridesmaids would hold the long veil as well. Everyone would walk the aisle. Wearing the one that is easy to wear when you move around and about would be so nice in the long eventful day of the wedding.

Bridesmaids would be so happy as well if it would be appropriate for the theme to choose different styles that would suit their body shape that would be flattering for her figure. Of course, picking the color would be all the same for everyone but the style should be different. Everyone can also opt for a different shade of color but the palette would be the same, this would be whimsical and would look so gorgeous as well with the bridesmaids. Everyone can choose which one works the best for them.

satin bridesmaid dresses

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If the bride would choose a color that is in the same theme of her wedding. Taking note of the bouquets, invitations and decorations color theme would be suitable if it is the same color with the maid of honor dresses. Matching colors are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Lastly, the most important thing of all is that the bridesmaids would feel happy, confident, and comfortable in their dresses to enjoy the fabulous role of the wedding party.

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