6 Stylish Yet Modest Bridesmaid Dresses


Are you going to be a bridesmaid at your friend's wedding? Well, if ‘YES’ the list below is for you. What you need to do is just select any one of the modest bridesmaid dresses and you are good to go. 

The 6 most stylish yet modest bridesmaid gowns will be in the limelight of this article and you would get to know about them in detail.

Why Select from Our Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

In a traditional western wedding, bridesmaids are young women most usually from the brides' close friends or relatives. They are the second most prominent person throughout the wedding. Obviously, the bride is the first one. During the whole event, the bridesmaid stays with the bride attending to her and to check if she needs anything.

They assist the bride in planning and executing events related to the wedding. Staying in the spotlight with the bride requires them to dress up elegantly. Often there is more than one bridesmaid, they must all dress up nicely in some modest maid of honor dresses. In more of the traditional weddings, the bride herself dresses up gracefully and so do the bridesmaids.

Are you searching for some simple yet modest bridesmaid gowns? Alfabridal.com is here with a wide range of exclusively designed elegant bridesmaid dresses. The decent yet attractive colors as well as the beautiful designs are available for all types of weddings.

Whatever attire you want, whatever color you desire, we've got your back with our exclusive designs and high-quality fabric. Here are some of the gorgeously designed dresses having an elegant look and an eye-catching style in a variety of colors for the entire bridesmaids out there. 

6 Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

No.1: Halter Criss Cross Back Blue Long Spandex

The first item which we have is a mermaid dress with a crisscross back. It is one of the most elegant and the most modest bridesmaid dresses. The floor-length gown and the mermaid spandex fabric along with the exclusive neckline makes the dress look ideal.

Halter Crisscross Back Blue Long Spandex Bridesmaid Dresses

The dress is prepared in a large diversity of colors and sizes so that you can select whatever color you want and anyone can wear it irrespective of size. Even if your size is not available, you can get your dress tailored within 15-25 days at customized charges. If you want to get you to dress in customized size on an urgent basis, you can get it only by paying an additional $30.

The dress is sleeveless with a crisscross back that looks amazing and the soft colors in which it gives an elegant and stylish look.

No.2: Off The Shoulder Mermaid Spandex

Another beautiful dress for the bridesmaid is an Off the Shoulder Mermaid Spandex Dress is exclusively designed for all the elegant ladies out there. Get ready to be a bridesmaid of your best friend.

Off The Shoulder Mermaid Spandex Bridesmaid Dresses

The dress is off the shoulder, and the zipped back gives it the shape of a mermaid gown. The floor-length and the lovely spandex fabric make it a favorable choice. The dress is also available in various colors and sizes. The soft colors and inspiring designs make it an excellent choice. It is one of the trending designs in traditional western weddings.

The fall of the dress is so lovely, and the fabric is exceptionally comfortable. The soft colors in which it comes are delightful. This dress will make you feel way more attractive and confident than ever before. The simplicity of the dress is where the attractiveness lies.

These dresses are all simple, modest yet the classiest and fancy style exclusively designed for traditional and cultural weddings.

No.3: Cowl Fitted Trumpet Sleeveless 

A glamorous design with a draped neckline, cowl fitted trumpet sleeveless dress is a beautiful choice for stylish bridesmaids ready to glam in her friend's wedding.

Cowl Fitted Trumpet Sleeveless Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

The classy mermaid design fitted sleeveless gown, and the cowl neck design gives this outfit a distinctive look. This dress also comes in a variety of colors with the privilege to get it tailored in any size with some additional charges.

The gown flares out even more gradually as compared to the mermaid design. The dress is like a three in one with a draped neckline, i.e. a cowl, sleeveless gown with a trumpet. The elegant colors and designs make this dress more stylish that also keeps it unique among all. The trumpet designs make it even more classy and fabulous.

You can get this dress at a reasonable price, or you can also get it tailored according to you with some additional charges.

NO.4: Illusion V-Neck Short Sleeves Spandex Front Slit 

While going through the list of some modest bridesmaid dresses, illusion V-neck Short Sleeves Spandex Front Slit is also a must-have on the list. This dress is a lot more suitable for a bit classier bridesmaid who can carry it elegantly and beautifully.

Illusion V-neck Short Sleeve Spandex Front Slit Bridesmaid Dresses

The dress has a v-shaped neckline and a front slit. With an open back, this dress also comes in a wide range of soft and smooth colors. The design is classy, and the fabric is exceptionally comfortable. However, the price range is also attractive.

The beautiful design and the charming fall of the dress make it a preferable choice. The dress is not sleeveless; preferably, it has short sleeves. The outclass combination of a v-shaped neck, and the front slit makes the dress look even more classy. However, wearing this dress will make you feel even more confident and comfortable. The dress gives you a glamorous look, and the aesthetics of the dress are delightful.

No.5: Mermaid Spaghetti Straps Fitted

One of the fanciest yet modest bridesmaid dresses is the mermaid spaghetti straps fitted dress. The minimal shoulder straps, commonly a spaghetti strap gives it much of a fancy look. Having an open back, the gown of this dress is of floor length.

Mermaid Spaghetti Straps Fitted Red Bridesmaid Dresses

The spaghetti straps of this dress make it more beautiful and the design is exclusively for the classy women out there. The graceful and elegant look of the dress is much favorable among many girls, and all love this dress.

The mermaid gown has a nice fall and soft texture with comfy fabrics. The very thin straps of the shoulder provide complete support to the dress and are the classical feature of this dress.

The dress initially comes in a bright red color but one can customize it in any color she wants. A complete size guide and size range is available for your ease, but even then if you want a dress of your customized fitting you can get it tailored exclusively on-demand with urgent delivery within 4-5 days with some additional charges.

Nov.6: Straps V-Shaped Spandex Long Mermaid 

The traditional, classy, and one of the modest bridesmaid dresses is straps v-shaped spandex long mermaid dress is an extraordinary piece of art. The chic design and the high-quality fabric along with the lovely color make this dress extremely appealing for the bridesmaid.

Straps V-neck Dark Red Spandex Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

The dress has a v-shaped neckline which makes this dress even more beautiful. The mermaid gown with an attractive floor-length fall is a charming choice for classy traditional weddings.

The dress is sleeveless with an open back. The fabric and the design of this dress are incredibly comfortable and easy to carry in a more graceful manner. The stylish outfit makes you look more confident and pretty. This dress too originally comes in a dark red color but customization is also available as per your requirements in any color or size you want.

You can also get it tailored in your favorite color with your customized size on an urgent basis if required.

The Bottom Line

As we all are well aware that women are much concerned about their weddings and start dreaming about their wedding plans, destinations, and clothing in early teens. Some of them do wish to have a traditional yet classiest and fancy wedding. For such weddings, they want to have stylish and most modest dresses. Not only the bride but the bridesmaids also are in the limelight to wear simple and fashionable apparel. 

So, for your dream to come true, we bring an exclusive collection of modest bridesmaid dresses that are subtle and fancy at the same time to go with your dream traditional wedding.

Above mentioned 6 modest maids of honor dresses are best in their place with exclusive designs and comfortable fabrics. 

With the right accessories on, you are all set to glow in the event and be the center of attention. Don't load yourself up with a lot of accessories or heavy makeup. Just put any of the above dresses on and with light makeup and little related accessories that are right to go with the dress is all that you need. 

The confidence that'll develop will let you enjoy the spotlight. All these dresses are incredibly stylish and classy, and they can be made available as per your requirements within the given time. So worry not about the dress to wear as a friend's bridesmaid. Feel free to contact Alfabridal via service@alfabridal.com for any questions. Enjoy!!


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