A Guide to Bridesmaid Dress Alterations


Thinking to get your bridesmaid dress alterations? Well, let’s talk about that in detail.

Your friend asks you to be her bridesmaid. It is a wonderful feeling for you. But it is one of the huge responsibilities as well. You have to arrange the stuff for her bridal shower and overall wedding. You wanted everything to be perfect. 

bridesmaid dresses alterations

As you will be the focal person of the occasion, so your bridesmaid gown must be the best dress for yourself. You will do anything to give your bridesmaid’s dress a great shape. This includes buying it from the best stores out there like Alfa bridal or get maid of honor dress alterations.

From hosting a bridal shower to bridesmaid dresses alteration all will be a financial burden for you so plan and safe for it earlier. The bridesmaid gown alterations may account for more money than buying a new dress. In this article, I will discuss what are the types of maid of honor  dress alteration, and how you can cut off your expenses of bridesmaid gown alterations. 

Determine Your Style

You can check Alfa bridal’s online store for a wide variety of bridesmaid dresses. Most of the dresses fit almost all sizes and tastes. You should determine your style, size, and wants. Visit our store and select the best one that looks good on you. If not mild alterations in these dresses will do your work. 

Why Bridesmaid Dress Alterations?

Is it conceivable to make a dress greater? Indeed! Once more, every dress is unique, yet numerous dresses have enough crease remittance to let the outfit out between 1"- 3". A capable wedding tailor can likewise add texture, ribbon, or beadwork to expand the dress further. When you get that one, you need to make it fit for yourself.

Purchase a dress somewhat bigger, as the chances are that you can't discover one that fits you appropriately. It's consistently simpler to take a dress in to suit your body, at that point to allow it to out so it fits. They just have so much additional material.

Bridesmaid dresses come in various lengths depending on the architect and style so it's normal to require the dress to be fixed to your optimal length. If your dress is floor-length, recollect that the texture must touch the floor while you're standing.

A more current, functional interpretation of the floor-length dress leaves the stitch simply over the floor. A few fashioners decipher this with as much as two or three creeps between the dress and the floor.


  • Taking in a skirt or Vest: $30 to $80 – skirt with three creases cost more than those with two.
  • Taking in the sleeves costs an extra $40 or thereabouts, and changing the shoulders costs around $50. 
  • Taking in a Sheath Dress: $50 to $80. 
  • Raising the midriff on dress expenses around $90.

The cost of adjustments fluctuates depending on where you live, however, most bridesmaids can hope to pay somewhere in the range of $75 and $150 for dress modifications. In particular, urban communities, fitting can cost nearer to $240

Changes regularly take just fourteen days, yet a subsequent fitting (if essential) will add half a month.

Dress changes are significant, so try to leave room in your financial plan for them. Contingent upon what should be done, you can hope to spend somewhere in the range of $50 to $1,000 on adjustments. The whole cycle is ordinarily done in a few fittings, the first keep going as long as 60 minutes

Types of Bridesmaid Gown Alterations

The bridesmaid dress alterations are one of the exceptionally customary dress changes. Contingent upon the number of layers your dress holds and the kind of finish required, change charges can shift contingent upon the time it will take our tailor to finish the adjustment. Dresses can abbreviate through the trim, the midsection, or outskirt. It will be unpicked, stretched out, and re-applied to ensure the length of your piece of clothing.


Hemming is the shortening of the dress, while a crease joins the edges of two materials. Stitches are usually used to fortify an edge, shroud burrs, and unpleasant edges, and improve appearance. Floor-length dress length must touch the floor.


Like the visually impaired line, it's valuable when your sewing needs to look great from the two sides. Work option to (left to right) with the needle pointing left (right). With the wrong side of the article of clothing confronting, sew a join in the upper overlap of the stitch 1/4"- 1/2" long.

By wearing heels, you might have the option to wipe out a trimming charge. Obviously, on the off chance that you are on the more limited side, you'll probably have to anticipate a sew. If you want to figure out how to stroll on braces before the wedding.


Taking in a dress means getting it fit according to your body’s contour.  It's a simple attire adjustment that even the newest tailors can deal with. It's additionally a snappy undertaking, taking not exactly an hour to finish. Give the dress a shot back to the front and stick or imprint where it should take in.

Deduct your body estimations from the dress estimations. This will reveal to you the number of inches you need to take your dress in for the hips, abdomen, and bust. Gap each number that you need to take the dress in by 2. This will be the sum you'll be taking in on each side of the dress.


Many essential changes can be made in a limited time. If you want your dress to look gorgeous and worth wearing. Add some minor details to it. For example: 

  • Off-the-shoulder straps.
  • Sleeves making them short or long.
  • Train length.
  • Lace appliqués.
  • Beadings.
  • Buttons.
  • Bustle.


Sew a straight crease utilizing a sewing machine and string that coordinates the suit along the top edge outwardly of the dress and through the lashes. Sew another crease 1/4 inch beneath the primary crease. Cut the abundance texture off the lashes 1/2 inch beneath the subsequent crease and finish the cut edges with a criss cross join.


The alteration would be useful for you. As you will lean towards someone and your loose strap would make you uncomfortable. So you need to adjust your strap perfectly. That it will not be that tight that makes you feel suffocated and not be making you uncomfortable.

Minimizing The Cost OF Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

Most of the online bridal shops offer standard sizes of the dresses and mostly they are not more than size 16 anything above that needs to be altered. Alfa Bridal offers not only a variety of dresses but a wide range of sizes as well as up to size 26. These extensive options will fit most of the individuals.

In some cases, where bridesmaids might not be fit in that dress. Then It is recommended that you should get it adjusted with the maid's measurement. Measurement will help you to make a perfect dress for yourself and it will lessen the cost of the alteration.

In the showcase, you see a lot of dresses. To get a perfect dress, try at least one of them that will suit you. Reduce your stress and save money by the following steps:

  • Purchase the bridesmaid dress in the correct size.
  • Locate a certified needle worker.
  • Get the wedding changes to cost straightforward.
  • Try not to marry dresses that require confounded adjustments.

Our Picks On Alteration Free Bridesmaid Dresses

A-line is the key. This is a type of dress which is perfect and much more preferable for those who want to avoid bridesmaid dress alterations. These are free-fall and don't need any fitting. These dresses just need a measurement of two sites, that's bust and waist. Many women complain about the fitting of the hips. In this dress, those types of fittings aren't required.

The best available attire in this format Convertible Sweetheart Long A-line Tulle

Convertible Sweetheart Long A-line Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses

Another type of bridesmaid dress is Ruffles A-line Sleeveless V-neck Blue Spandex which almost requires almost no alterations. It is a floor length style gown that is perfect for classy bridesmaids.

v-neck ruffles long bridesmaid dresses

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, try to buy those dresses that don't need any kind of alteration. Order a dress of your size perfectly that suits you and fits you. Therefore, one must prefer going to the market on oneself than shopping online. In case, you fail in finding a perfect dress for you. Then go for alteration or you should go for the stitching. This costs you a little and will be less stressful.

Check out our page for more options we can do custom maid of honor dress alterations under $10. Enjoy the wedding season with Alfa bridal.

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