Why Spandex Bridesmaid Dresses Are A Good Choice


Congratulations! You are getting married. So, you have chosen the perfect dream wedding dress and it is now time to dress your bridesmaids. Your girl tribe is special to you and they have played a major role in your life. A wedding is a group effort and your gal pals are an important part of making your big day go smoothly. In order to pay tribute to them, it would be good to offer them silhouettes that would flatter their shapes and sizes. It is very likely that your best friends have unique body shapes and come in different sizes. Thus, it can be a bit tricky to find a bridesmaid dress that suits everyone.

How To Choose The Fabric Of The Bridesmaid Dresses

There is more to bridesmaids' dresses than just color and style. Bridesmaid gowns are available in different fabrics. The fabric of the dress that you are choosing has a huge effect on how your bridesmaids will look on your big day.  The type of fabric can affect the silhouette of the maid of honor dresses, how formal they look and even how much they cost. For your information, the same color dress can be entirely different when made with two different fabrics. Also, the same dress design will drape differently, depending on how soft or structured the fabric is. Consequently, there are many things to consider when picking out the right dresses for your bride squad. Do you like crisp smooth fabric or prefer intricate lace? Knowing what kind of fabric you like and how they are best worn can make the process less overwhelming. When you know your options, you can find a dress easily that is suited for the wedding theme.

Not all dress fabrics are created equal especially when it comes to seasons.  Just like how some would wear certain weight fabrics, patterns or colors for spring, summer or autumn, the same goes for your bridesmaid dress selection. A dress made from satin is uncomfortable for summer weather and a dress made from chiffon may seem out of place in a winter wedding.

Picking out a fabric for the dress tends to be a personal one. There are some fabrics that are far better suited for structured designs while others are great for flowing looks. There is a rise in popularity among modern, constructed fabrics and they are likely to overtake the demand for traditional favorites such as satin. This is perhaps due to an increase in destination weddings and the fact that more structured fabrics are best suited for traveling and requires less maintenance. Take for example a dress made from polyester that is not so prone to wrinkles. Material like lace and crepe are travel- friendly but they are delicate and may be easily damaged.

Qualities To Look For In A Bridesmaid Dress

1. Versatility

Bridesmaid gowns were thought of as unattractive and unflattering in the past.  The brides usually picked the maid of honor dress style which was an extension of the color and design choices for their wedding. Now, brides realize that their gal pals spend a significant amount of money on their bridesmaid dresses. As such, they are more likely to choose a dress that her friends are going enjoy having in their closet and able to wear again.

2. Complementary

A bride wants her bridal party to complement her wedding day aesthetic. A good way to do that is to pair the bridesmaid dress fabric to the material of the wedding dress. For example, if the bride is going to wear a chiffon wedding gown, the perfect complement to the softness of the chiffon dress will be a spandex blend stretch velvet material. The dress design of the bridal party should incorporate fabrics that work well with the bride's gown.

3. Comfort

As your bridal party plays a very important role in the wedding day, there will be lots of running around before and after the ceremony, taking many photos and last but not least, dancing the night away. In order to ensure that they stay happy all day long, make comfort the priority when choosing a bridesmaid's dress. Choose a dress that is flattering to keep your squad from fidgeting in discomfort like the spandex bridesmaid dresses. The spandex fabric creates a flattering silhouette that not only allows them to move around freely, it is comfortable to wear while walking down the aisle or dancing the night away.

What Are The Benefits Of Spandex Bridesmaid Dresses?

Everyone of us has a unique body shape and we all expect that our clothes fit us and follow the curves of our body. Spandex is an anagram of the word "expands" and the spandex fabric offers freedom, comfort and movement. This fabric is more flexible hence it makes the perfect fit easier to find. With spandex bridesmaid gowns, your bridesmaids will spend less time in the dressing room and more time living life.

Spandex material is figure flattering and increases the wear resistance of the product. Known for its elasticity, it blends into fabrics so clothes can move freely, fit the body better as well as holding up longer. Stretchiness is the number one attribute and it can be stretched up to seven times its initial length. They are stronger and more durable, compared with other materials. Spandex bridesmaid dresses are moisture-absorbing, offer great stretchability, and very comfortable to wear. Also known as lycra, spandex fabric gowns are more draped and textured with well-cut workmanship. They also have great crease recovery and return to their original shape after stretching. Your bridesmaids will feel absolutely confident wearing the spandex maid of honor dresses because of its good range of motion, close shape fit, shape retention, breathability and flexibility. Dresses made from spandex are also more longer lasting and they are not easily damaged by body oils, perspiration, lotions, or detergents.

Here is a quick look at some spandex bridesmaid dresses that will have you hooked on their fashionably fresh lines.

Burgundy Gold Long Spandex Sexy Bridesmaid Dress (AF0376)

Also, don't miss the popular chiffon bridesmaid dresses. If your girlfriends are as fashion-forward as you, then they will be in love with this elegant Sexy Long Chiffon Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses With High Slit And Front Ruffles (AF0375). Not only is it simple and fuss-free, but it is also absolutely a dress that they will wear time and time again.

Sexy Long Chiffon Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses With High Slit And Front Ruffles (AF0375)

Photographers at the wedding take photos from all angles so it is important to remember that the back of a bridesmaid gown should be just as beautiful as the front. You can't go wrong with an Velvet Flutter Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses With Open Back (AF0120), especially if it comes complete with a Flutter Sleeve that is ultra-flattering.

Velvet Flutter Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses With Open Back (AF0120)

An indisputable way to show off the gorgeous shoulders is to accent them with an Floor Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses With Criss Cross Neckline (AF0113). When it comes to weddings, it is all about the details.

Floor Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses With Criss Cross Neckline (AF0113)

Outfitting your bridesmaids is not always easy. Trying to keep everyone happy and feeling beautiful while staying true to your dream can be quite a challenge. We hope that the above choices of flattering spandex bridesmaid dresses that can hold it in, push it up and smooth it out will give you the inspiration you need. 

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