How To Create A Mix & Match Bridal Party Style


One of the biggest tasks in a wedding preparation is that a bride-to-be has to do is choosing her own fairy-tale dress for her big day.  Once this decision has been made, there is another big task ahead and that is to select the color scheme and outfits for her bridal party. Choosing what your best maids are going to wear is a tough choice to make. They are your best friends, the very people who stand by you throughout the dress shopping, guest lists preparation, walking down the aisle with you and standing beside you at the altar on your important day. Therefore, to acknowledge how important they mean to you, you have to choose a bridesmaid dress that they will all love and feel amazing in. If you are lost for ideas or inspiration when it comes to dressing up your best friends, well don't worry.  Here is a tip to help you narrow down your options for your big day.

One of the fun ways to add creativity and personality to your wedding party is to get your bridesmaids to wear mix and match dresses.  Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes. Trying to please a group of women with differing body shapes, skin tones and styles with just one dress is close to impossible. For that reason, mismatched weddings are great because they allow your bridal party the freedom to choose a dress that best will best fit their figure, style and budget. Gone are the days when it was just one dress, one style and one color for all. From mixing styles, fabrics and everything in between, you can create the wedding of your dream.

Of late, many brides have been outfitting their maids in mismatched looks. This is getting to be a very popular wedding trend. As mix and match dresses allow flexibility, remember to talk to your bride squad about the styles and colors that they are most comfortable with. This will help you with your search. Some brides chose similar colors dresses with different design dresses which means every bridesmaids gets a dress that flatter their shapes the most. Not only are they fresh and modern, mix and match looks are inclusive of all your maids' shapes, color and styles. There are hundreds of options available to get this on-trend bridesmaid look that is not only chic and practical, but it will keep your best friends very happy. They will get to choose dresses that flatter them and will want to wear them again and again.

Having the mix-and-match look is easier than it looks. Firstly, decide on the theme, setting and the mood you want to create for your wedding and then you can go from there. From light chiffon gowns to more formal velvet dresses, there are many bridesmaid dresses to choose from. 

There are a few ways on how you can pull off the mix and match bridesmaid dress styles. Ultimately, the best way to do it depends on your preferences. If you are thinking about giving this gorgeous trend a try but are unsure how to keep the look together, do read on.

1. Same Color Dresses Different Styles

For this style, you can choose the same color dresses but they are all in different style. There are many bridesmaid dresses in the same color and texture but with unique silhouettes. This is a popular choice because it is easy to pick the dresses. Choosing a color palette or just one solid color for your maids will help them to look in sync and stylish. For example, if you are going for pastel color, offer your maids specific colors that you think would match or even your choice of different dresses in the color that you prefer. Another way to keep the look consistent is to have the dresses in the same neckline but in different styles like V-necklines with dresses in off-shoulder straps, cap sleeve or micro sleeve.  This is a great way to achieve a uniform look while giving your best friends a style she is comfortable in. Make sure that you are purchasing from the same store so that all the dresses will be in the same hue.

chiffon bridesmaid dresses

2. Different Color Dresses But Same Style

As you know, color is an important component in a wedding. Mixing colors can pose a bit of a challenge. Pin down the color that is prevalent in your wedding theme and incorporate it with your bridesmaid gowns. Once you have established the tone of your wedding colors, it will be easier to choose what you want for your maid of honor dresses. Remember to pick a solid color or palette as an easy way to create a cohesive look such as neutrals or pastels. Don't be afraid to step outside the box and pick a color that some people may not consider typical for bridesmaid dresses.

different color same style bridesmaid dresses

3. Different Shades But Same Color Dresses 

Choose a spectrum of shades within the same hue for a romantic look. This option is highly popular and brides everywhere are loving it. For this option you can have each bridesmaid wear a different shade of the same color. For example, if you want a pink shade, you can also have dresses in candy pink, blushing pink and pearl pink. You can also have silver and steel grey in your bridal party.  These color combination will coordinate beautifully.

Different Color Bridesmaid Dresses Different Styles

4. Different Color Bridesmaid Dresses, Different Styles

Although some brides may hesitate to choose this style, but if done right, the bridal party will look absolutely stunning. Keep things either muted, bright or pastel will help to tie in the look together. There is abundance of ideas for this mismatched bridesmaid gowns style that you can find online for inspiration.  The best way to pull this off is to get the bridesmaids in different pattern dresses. This will add a lot of texture and flare to your squad. You can get creative with this option. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the best way to incorporate some sparkle into. Get one or a few of your best friends in various sequin dresses. The sequin dresses are a great option for allowing your bridesmaids to stand out. They will definitely slay the look. The key is to have all the hues complement each other in one way or another. If you have a Fall wedding, then choosing burnt orange and mustard yellow are great choices for a rustic look because they are close to each other on the swatch color wheel. You can also have your gal pals in various length, fabrics, patterns and more.

5. Different Fabric Bridesmaid Dresses, Same Color

If you plan to outfit your best gals in velvet, it can look pretty heavy in a full line-up especially for weddings in spring and summer. Therefore, velvet works really well in a mix and match selection. They can be tied in with the same hues for a cohesive look.

6. Bridesmaids' Dresses with Clashing Colors

If you want a colorful bash for your wedding, you can outfit your girls with a color that is unique to her. You can even have these dresses in the same length for a cohesive look.  


Don't be afraid to play with patterns although the thought of using patterns to coordinate a group of bridesmaid dresses can be daunting. You don't want the patterns to clash too much but don't let this keep you away from using patterns completely. You can choose a floral dress and use the color from the floral print to coordinate with a solid color maid of honor dress. Avoid using too many patterns though but if you really have to, then choose patterns that are more subtle so that they do not clash.

Other Things To Consider


For the mix-and-match bridal party, you can arrange for your friends to wear the same shoes or at least the same style of shoes to tie in the look together. Do consider the length of their dresses and the season when your wedding is going to be held when choosing.

Hair and Makeup

We all have different preference, hairstyles and hair textures. When your best gals wear their hair in a similar manner, be it hair down or up, curled or braided, it can create a polished look.


Another simple and meaningful way to make your bridesmaids' style identical is to gift them a necklace or pair of earrings that they can wear for the ceremony.  The accessories are an easy and subtle way to tie their polished looks together.  They will definitely be able to find many occasions to wear the accessories again.


Don’t underestimate the ability of matching flowers to bring the whole look together. Reinforce consistency on your bridesmaids’ looks by getting them matching bouquets.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are super fun, ultra flattering and are a departure from the norm. Time to say goodbye to boring bridesmaid dresses and say Hello to the modern bride tribes.

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